Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kaspersky and Digital Star donated 500,000 yuan each, Yushu

As at 17 o'clock on the April 16, China Red Cross Society of the community were receiving assistance to earthquake-stricken areas in Qinghai Yushu receivables pledged donation of materials and letters of intention to 31.5 million yuan, 7.38 million yuan of funds has arrive.

Samsung Group has committed to the Chinese Red Cross donated 10 million yuan, is the Red Cross Society of China received the largest amount of corporate giving commitments. Daughter of a famous entrepreneur Wang Yung-ching of Taiwan, VIA Cher Wang, chairman commitment by the Chinese Red Cross donated to the earthquake Yushu 10 million yuan worth of funds and is currently undertaking the largest amount of individual donations.

In addition, Pfizer pledged money and goods worth 500 million; General Motors (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Citroen the Company committed to donated one million yuan; China Merchants Securities love the Red Cross promised to donate 500,000 yuan fund.

Epson (China) Co., Ltd, Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing Kaspersky Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Star Network Technology Co., Ltd. Parkway digital Yushu earthquake each donate 50 million, have been credited into account.

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